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Digital Spatial planning

New developments in our urban areas create significant impact over time. Infrastructure including housing, transport network and business locations affects not only the landscape of the towns, but also its environment, demographics and economy.

Retrieving, generating and analysing information is costly and time consuming because planning information is difficult to access and scattwered within various departments or organisations.

To ensure urban planners and developers make well-informed decisions on the way to use land for development, they need to visualise important data about an urban setting or a local authority and the changes it’s likely to undergo. To unlock these issues, building a digitally enabled planning and development process has the potential to produce greater benefits for local authorities, businesses and residents.

Digireg can assist you in strengthening the importance and position of digital spatial planning in your organization. We have the technology and experience to build a digital spatial plan for both urban and rural settings that shows development opportunities quickly and easily; auditing existing infrastructures; identifying capacity in utility services and anticipating future demand along the way.

Digireg believes in high precision and accuracy therefore our technology is tuned to develop highly detailed, large scale (10-20cm) digital spatial plans.The scope and quality of the plan data is significantly.


Asset management

GIS analysis you create new information or discover differences between your source files. Geospatial Information is becoming an essential asset management companion. Multiple teams can use the geospatial information as the basis to track maintenance tasks; Manage work orders; thereby manage your assets more effectively. Digireg has the knolwedege and technology to build an object registration system that can also be web based for use by all stake holders in infrastrure and utilities industry especially for roads mainetnance. For instance The Object registration provides a digital twin of all the objects/features on the ground at a scale of between 10-20cm. Digireg employs smart GIS specialists who are able to analyze your data based on your specific question.


Land information management System

The Land Information Platform shows how it’s possible to have a single access point to all the key data and analysis about land, economic, social and environmental systems within a location. It enables sharing of information openly, and measure the impact of development on the given location over time.

GIS-based comprehensive land administration system, governments are able to improve land information management(cadastral), property valuation and analysis, and communication with the public. Having these systems on a single platform allows governments to accurately represent and understand property value as well as provide secure and authoritative land records and parcel data for widespread government and public use.

At digireg we value accuracy and precision and we have several quality checks during processing of data to produce highly detailed and accurate land information.

Digireg Kenya land information management system

Agricultural Management System

Technology plays an important role in the rapid economic growth and social transformation in developing countries. The ability of GIS to analyze and visualize agricultural environments and workflows has proven to be very beneficial to the agricultural sector

At Digireg, we help farmers, public and private stakeholders to achieve increased production and reduced costs by enabling better management of land resources. We also assist them to to create more effective and efficient farming techniques by accurately mapping geographic and geologic features of farmlands and project current and future fluctuations in precipitation, temperature, crop output.



Digireg can provide you with an audit of your Geo-ICT environment and processes. We use our knowledge of both software and hardware, as well as our experiences at other organizations. In addition, we investigate the way in which the systems are applied and the processes are designed. If you have a geo-ICT manual or process description , this will be included in the audit.

If you do not yet have a manual for your geo processes, we can prepare this together with you. This describes all matters that are necessary for your geo-ICT environment, both technical and process-based, to function optimally. By means of the manual you can annually monitor whether the quality of your geo-ICT environment still matches the requirements within your organization.

The geo ICT audit is aimed at improving the quality of your geosystem and geographic data. When performing the audit, the following is considered, among other things:

  • the procedure regarding basic and core processing procedures;
  • the method of collection, archiving and use of (geo) data;
  • the registration and compliance with the geo-ICT processes;
  • the degree of digitalisation consumption, the use of geo-information and GIS viewer within the organization;
  • response to change and innovation;
  • the (geo) information policy plan ;
  • your Geo-ICT process manual (if available).
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